Fernsink Gourds
We have nearly retired, but are still selling what gourds we have.
We Ship!
Fernsink Gourds is a small, family farm located halfway between Trenton and
Bronson, and east of Chiefland, Florida. It is owned and operated by Perry &
Barbara Young.

Our website is designed to provide information on gourd crafting to assist or inspire
you to explore this fascinating hobby. Our
Gourds page contains information relating
to our gourd business. Our
Crafting link contains information on basic gourd crafting
techniques such as, selecting, cleaning and cutting gourds. Our
Growing link covers
everything from site selection to harvesting and drying gourds. It also contains links
to vendors who sell gourd seeds. Our
Projects page has examples and technique
descriptions for various gourd projects which Susie Watson & others have
completed. Our
Links page contains links to gourd societies and artists' pages.
Finally, the
Tools & Supplies page lists and describes sources for gourd crafting
books, materials, tools and additional information relating to gourds.

Whether you are new to gourd crafting or a seasoned professional, we hope you
enjoy our site and find it useful.

If you would like to comment on our website, or any of the information contained in it,
send  an Email to:  Or give us a call at (352)
We would love to hear from you!

Updated 5/5/2015